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Running multiple websites in IIS on the same port (different host headers)

February 2, 2017

To be able to run multiple websites on the same instance of IIS, different host headers must be set up for each website. You can also run multiple websites using different ports but this case is not the topic of discussion in this post.

For example, I have two web sites set up in IIS and both of them are setup with 1 binding each. Both sites’ bindings are setup without the Host Name and the port is set to be 80 for both:



Notice that only one website is started at the moment – WebSite1. If you try starting WebSite2 now, you will get the message:


IIS is telling you that both web sites are using the same port WHILE their host headers are the same. Now, modify the binding for WebSite2:



Click OK and try starting the website – it starts!




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