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IIS Errors and HRESULT error codes

June 7, 2017

When working with websites hosted in IIS web server, you sometimes get failed requests occurring for a website. For example, suppose you are getting 500.19 error when trying to reach a resource on the web server. After simple troubleshooting you establish that everything appears to be good with the website set up.

Yet you still get 500 error. You can get more information about the error from the HRESULT error code. This code can either be obtained from the details of the Event Log entry for the failed request or by  browsing to the page and looking at the details of the error. (If you browse to the page from the client, you need to have error details enabled for the website in web.config. Alternatively, you can browse to a page from the hosting server.)

For example:


In this case the error returned was 0x80070021

Googling around for the solution to the problem, I stumbled upon this post. It turns out that I did not have ASP.NET 4.5 installed on the host server.


Here are some good resources when deciphering HRESULT values:

HRESULT decoded

HRESULT possible values



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